Virtual Reality Storytelling Platform



VR + 25 ft Robotic Arm + Good Friends.


Partner, writer, director on a first of it's kind VR/3D animated prototype and a short feature animated film. And I did it with a team of artists whose talent and character ive been dreaming of hooking up with for sometime.

One of the biggest takeaways was figuring out, What it Takes to write a good, short. Not How, it's really hard to figure out, How. What it Takes, though, that you can maybe only learn as the process kicks your ass. This is the project which represents all of the others up here. I brought all lessons learned to help navigate this "start-ups" responisibilty to make an entertainmnet platfrom company... entertaining.

A special thanks to our Lead Animator Jordan Blit, TD and Rigger Lee Wolland. TD and Modeller Scott Hubbard. Sound Designer, Clay Holley and especially ECD Jordan Harvey, for daring to share his creative vision and asking me to partner up for this adventure.

if you are interested to know more, just reach out.

More to details to follow...