SVA renderFarm

Hello Computer Art Alumni,

Through the years we have continually invested in a what is now a robust render farm. For nearly eight months of the year (May - December) this render farm is under utilized. We support Mental Ray, Vray and Arnold, as well as Nuke. We invite SVA Computer Art alumni to propose independent short films or animations for us to support in rendering or other production needs.

There are four requirements for all proposals:

1. Participants must be alumni from SVA Computer Art.
2. All aspects of the production must be scheduled around the needs of the department, the classes in session and currently enrolled students.
3. All proposed projects must be independent and non-commercial projects (we cannot support projects for commercial clients).
4. A currently enrolled SVA Computer Art student must be assigned to support the project.
5. Projects completed with SVA Computer Art support will include the SVA Computer Art logo in the end credits.

Please send any proposals to John McIntosh ( and Jimmy Calhoun (


  Laura Nitz, Administrative Assistant

  BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects
  School of Visual Arts