Director. Storyboard Artist. Illustrator. Animator. Creator.

 ...I believe we all want to make cool stuff and collaborate with kind and knowledgeable people.  I'm always grateful to Film and Animation for the energy exchange that happens there. When a team gets into a flow with heart behind them they will make things that would blow away any one of us individually. 

    Trapped in the body of a C student and always trying to compensate, my early years were spent seeking out the company of the nerdiest of the older nerd kids. Not necessarily book smart, I’m talking about the kids that got so frenzied when they talked about outer-space and Dungeons & Dragons, that masses of spittle would collect at the corners of their mouths. I didn't mind their lack of hygiene. I dug these kids. To me, they repp-ed, " I DON"T GIVE A F___", like i don't know what.

I wanted that.

While earning my BFA at School of Visual Arts I underwent a mentorship with Darren Aronofsky and his Academy Award nominated visual effects partners Dan Schrecker and Jeremy Dawson. Their ability to demystify the seemingly impossible at every turn became my bread. These were the full-bore film and image-making story artists I’d been looking for....and graciously, they came minus the spittle ;)

Good Fundamentals.  I’ve served as an illustrator, 3D animator and VFX artist on well over 50 projects, Including, as storyboard artist on Academy Award winner Black Swan and as co-director of animated short Tumbleweed Tango, now a featured short on I think a fascination with these principles of composition, line, anatomy, texture, color, negative space, rhythm, and diggin into to how they translate to Film Animation, and Storytelling, have helped me offer a solid approach to the needs of a variety of artists and their projects.

Chris(Wolfgang) Mauch currently freelances in New York, practices yoga, travels the world and teaches Visual Narrative at his alma mater, The School of Visual Arts.

He recently discovered "No-Leash Mornings" at Ft. Greene Park, in Brooklyn and can be found there Sundays before 9, hamming it up with the locals and their owners.

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Credits & Highlights:

Ocean's 8 - Dir. Gary Ross (storyboard artist)
Divergent - Dir. Neil Burger - (storyboard artist)
Cruel Summer - Dir. Kanye West & Alexandre Moors (storyboard artist)
Limitless - Dir. Neil Burger (storyboard artist)
Black Swan - Dir. Darren Aronofsky (Academy Award - Best Actress, Nathalie Portman) (storyboard artist)
Fantastic Mr. Fox - Dir. Wes Anderson (Acadamy Award Nom. - Best Animated Feature) (storyboard artist)
Ice Age: The Meltdown - Blue Sky Studios/ Dir. Carlos Saldanna (storyboard artist/ layout artist)
The Fountain - Dir. Darren Aronofsky (storyboard artist/ 3D Previsualization)
Garden State - Dir. Zach Braff (storyboard artist)

Tumbleweed Tango - Dir. Chris Wolfgang Mauch &  Dir. Samuel Stephens
Winner Best Computer Animation Award - Animation Block Party, International Film Festival
Winner Best Short Audience Award - Tres Court International Film Festival


The FOUNTAIN - 20th Century Fox