The ESPYS: Lead Designer, Epic yearly project, with over 120 delevierables.

one of the special needs of a pipeline like this was a flexible strategy to handle the late release of nominees, with only a few initial front runners to start we were charged to handle the remainder in only the last few weeks. Fortunately I was working side by side with the amazballs designer/director/VFX Guru Sam Stephens yet again, Often doing my best impression of a producer to organize, and develop the workflow, involving six diverse 3D landscapes, dynamic camera animation and tracking in After Effects. Rotoscoping and effects for each of the athletes nomination packages as well as seperate Bumper, Logo and Trophy animations.

I supervised, about 7-10 artists each year, while designing all the 3d Environments, Camera Moves, Lighting, Rendering and Compositing. I also travelled for 2 years to LA to work with the Roadside Team to put the final pieces of the show together.

Big thanks To Sam Stephens from, John Hirsch (now and some of the best people to work with, Compositors; Max Kornev, Rich Pernice, Peter Harp, Bo Kim, Danica Parry, 3D Artists: Eugen Sasu, Andrew Ortiz, Carlos Molina and of course Sasha Devilizer! An awesome design intern who busted his ass to roto with us for 2 years . Check out his dope Goth art here, Go SashA!