Director, Modeller, Rigger, Animator, Compositor.

Short Animated Film - 4 mins

Directed, Designed, Modeled, Rigged and Animated this mixed time lapse and CG animated short film with Director Sam Stephens and Lead Animator Eugen Sasu. Responsibilities included directing a team of 9+ animators and compositors, art direction, maintaining 10-day time lapse shoot, designing characters, technical directing 3D pipeline (models, biped rigging and facial rigging), and lighting, rendering, and compositing environments.  Directed actors in audio session. Directed full audio mix.  The film has aired on Swedish television’s industry showcase program, “Panama”Featured in Stash Mag, Feb 5th 2010, Channel Frederator episode #222, and has accrued over 200,000 views on YouTube and Vimeo combined.